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What I would like to ring

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What I would like to ring


This is the place to seek ringers to ring with, and to advertise what you can ring, how well and what you would like to ring. 

Remember that what you can ring well on distanced ringing is likely to be a lot simpler than what you can ring in a tower or on your simulator program.


Points to bear in mind:

It is easier to ring with people who have similar skills and equipment, so providing details about yourself and your dumbbell will help put the right people together.


Contact details

Type of Dumbell

Your ringing ability on your dumbbell and what you want:

What can you ring on your dumbbell?

Do you want practice touches or quarter peals or peals?

How accurately and rhythmically can you strike on it?

Do you ring mainly by rhythm, sound or sight on Abel or similar simulator?

Do you get lost strokes that swap hand and backstrokes, and if so how often?

What methods are you comfortable with on the dumb bell using a simulator program?

(Note it will be a LOT harder with real ringers, distanced)




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